Tuesday, 9 October 2018

U8 Bluetooth Headset is good

Are Acid Eye 4.1 U8 Bluetooth Headset is good?

Bluetooth headsets are highly common now, due to their increased performance and features for smaller price tags which made them highly popular amount the masses. Whether you want to connect it to a laptop or a desktop or a smartphone or any other device, these are simply compatible and work with fluency. Bluetooth as known is backwards compatible and it will work with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity and the same goes for the headsets. You can even connect them to a camera and listen to video songs that you may have right away created with utmost sound clarity.
Nowadays Bluetooth headsets have become smaller and smaller and more performance focused. Due to the fact that wired headsets have been readily good in functionality with a huge fall down in prices, which points towards the wireless headsets aka Bluetooth headsets. In order to cope up with them, Bluetooth headsets are too becoming better. And in that case,  is the  Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset good?

Yes. Absolutely. The Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset is one of the best Bluetooth headsets that you can buy right now with such a small price. It comes with huge features for such a small headset along with wireless connections and smaller but better battery life capability which makes it one of the most capable headsets right now.
Well, How good is it?

The Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset is actually good enough for the price, you won't be able to get such a featured headset for the same price as any other brand. At all. Not even bigger brands offer such cool specifications for such a small price. But what are those specifications that make it a rare and a user recommending one? Let us see.

The Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset's one of the best features is that it comes with a waterproofing protection which makes it ideal and resistive to water conditions, in case you indulge in heavy duty work. For users who consider wearing headsets during their vigorous workouts or exercising or even such high adrenaline activities, the 4.1 U8 is actually the ideal headset they should consider buying. It has an IPX waterproofing rating which makes it resistive enough to survive in swimming pools, bathrooms, rains in case you get too touchy with music for most of the time in your home. Also its quite suitable for heavy workouts since you do get much sweat, which the headset will be able to handle without getting disrupted and disturbing your music entertainment in the middle. Having waterproofing in a headset is one hell of a feature. Most headsets don't even provide that at all and that too for such a small price. Well, now you do have such a headset to play with.

The Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset has incredible sound output technology which redefines your environment and entertainment altogether simultaneously. This might look amusing to you, but the U8 has some serious built-in goods that provide an incredible performance when it comes to producing the best quality audio output possible in such a small headset. It comes with the new neodymium magnetic speakers which have prolonged magnetic effect in them, thus they do not lose their magnetism quickly. This preserves the fine quality of sound even after longer and longer usage of the headsets. Since other brand headsets seem to fall prey to this category of a problem which interferes with the performance of the headset and thus decreases the efficiency. Also, the U8 comes with the latest sound drivers that have automated noise reduction built in, which limits the noise that gets produced. Also, the speakers in the headset are finely developed to provide low noise output even when playing songs at high volume which is not found in other headsets at all. Thus the 4.1 U8 seems to a double profited headset.

When it comes to battery life, The Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset redefines the battery performance too by providing double the performance which similarly priced headsets don't even think of giving. The U8 headset has around 6-7 hours of battery life during music playback which is incredibly awesome. And 10 hours of standby life which is incredible too. As you won't even have to charge it often and you can keep on listening to music for longer and longer whether you are cooking or working or even working out, whatever may be the case. Also, after the battery runs out, you can charge it up real quick with the help of the charger that is provided in just 2 hours and then you are good to go again through seamless entertainment. Thus  The Acid Eye 4.1 U8 wireless Bluetooth headset seems to be battery performance champion. 

U8 Bluetooth Headset is good

Are Acid Eye 4.1 U8 Bluetooth Headset is good? Bluetooth headsets are highly common now, due to their increased performance and fea...